Can we choose what pictures are taken and not taken by our photographer based on our style of photography?

Can we choose what pictures are taken and not taken by our photographer based on our style of photography?

We love inspiration and invite it. So yes, if there are pictures on our site that you love and connect with, please feel free to share. We are an open book and promise not to be photo snobs ;)

We do have advice/insight to go along with this in an effort to help. In the past, we have had many couples hand us a written list of exactly what they would like to have photographed. Sometimes, that list can be a long one. We want to first give reassurance that whether or not we have a list, your pictures will be amazing. So please don't feel obligated to make one, with the fear of: "If I don’t do it, I won’t have nice pictures."

The reality is that every couple is different. What may look great for one couple might not be as flattering for another couple. Here is a funny example: there is this image take that I LOVE and it is a profile of a groom looking off in the distance. It’s a very cool shot. Now if I (Aaron owner of True) personally was in this image, it just wouldn't work, because I have a big ole nose. So me being positioned at a 3/4 angle would be a much more flattering shot. It is our job as photographers to bring out the very best in each person.

If you have a few must-have shots, it is very important to make sure that the requests are limited. When a list gets too long, then we find ourselves just copying our old shots, but not creating new photographs. We are a creative studio, and always want to produce something unique for each of our couples. So allowing that creativity will bring a much better end result for you than if a shot list were to become very long.

We understand that it can be tricky to put that much trust in a studio for such an important event. That is why we always suggest to the couples to look at our website, as well as others, to make sure that overall you really connect with the majority of the images that we produce. We have posted over 135,000 images to show our consistency and creativity every time.

Aaron (owner of True) note: I always say, the couples that say yes to everything seem to get the best pictures. Keep in mind that part of the creative process is that there will be pictures that you don't like. Some you will want to get rid of right away. Sometimes it will take shooting ten pictures in order to get that one great photograph. It is our job to provide enough variety that you have plenty of amazing pictures to choose from.

I remember that at my engagement shoot, I had to take my own advice. I wasn't a big fan of piggy back ride pictures. I thought they were a bit cheesy. Then my photographer (I hired True Photography) said to April (my wife) "hop on Aaron's back for some fun shots." I almost said no, but then remembered the advice I give to our clients. So I went with it and embraced it 100%. The end result is that there were a few in that series I LOVED. I got this one shot where my wife is smiling at me, and it is so genuine and real.

Once you are in the photograph, your opinion of that shot or pose may drastically change. The easiest thing to do is throw away a picture. The hardest thing is to not have it.

As a final thought, some shots are just not possible based on time allotted, time of day, location and style. As an example, we may get a request for a shot that has really moody evening light, but the wedding is outdoors, in broad daylight. Or the couple wants a bunch of really silly fun shots of the bridal party, yet the bridal party is super reserved and quiet. What we find produces the best result is to make sense of your style through your wedding. We play off of your dress, décor, natural personalities, location, time of day, etc. We love to push the envelope while also making sure that we aren't pushing too far. We want to make sure to represent the true essence of who you are as well as the wedding day. We promise within our name to keep everything TRUE.

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