Do we get every single picture that you take?

Do we get every single picture that you take?

We always make sure to do very little removing (editing/culling) of the images from your event. Here is the process. 

Throughout the event, each time we are in a different scene, we will test our light. As we set up our shots, we are constantly making improvements in the moment. Sometimes, we will photograph four or five shots to get to that sixth or seventh perfect image.

After the event, we download the images and preview all of them in our studio. As part of our post-production, the occasional test image will get removed, as those are usually pictures of the ground or sky, or are very dark or light. But if we think an image may have any interest at all, it is kept. So you will have essentially every image photographed (a lot of photos!)

Finally, we look at the full series. Let's say that when we took family portraits, we took six nearly identical photographs of the same group. Out of the six shots, there will be maybe three that are most flattering, where all eyes are open and everyone is looking great. Instead of selecting only one photo, and limiting the images you receive, we will still include the alternates in our deliverables, so you have options to choose from. 

For peace of mind, let's say we photographed a picture and it may not be our favorite as an artist. But it has an uncle walking by or someone laughing. We will always leave those images in there for you, so you have the option of viewing them :)

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