Do you have any tips for an engaged couple before taking engagement photos?

Do you have any tips for an engaged couple before taking engagement photos?

An engagement shoot is the best way to really build a comfort with your wedding photographer before the wedding day. You get to see how they direct you and how comfortable it feels. As well, it is a great way for us to discover how the two of you interact as a couple, and what type of images you connect with. To make the most of your session time, we suggest choosing a location that has lots of great environments to work with.

Sometimes it can be fun to think of something you like to do together as a couple and create more of a scene for your engagement shoot. Having fun within your environment can really reflect your personality as a couple, and show off the love you have together :) We have a lot of great locations if you are wanting some inspiration.

We suggest keeping the engagement shoot short and sweet. More time on an engagement doesn't make it a better shoot. It's actually better to shoot for less time and be more efficient. We find that after an hour and a half, couples tend to look tired, and you see that in the photographs. We use the time well, and can produce amazing results from a shoot that lasts an hour or so.

As for attire, we suggest that you bring two changes of clothes. The first outfit can be a little more dressy, and the second can be a bit more casual. The key is to NOT match. Matching is not cool. Dress like you are going out on a date together. One suggested outfit is a dress and heels for the bride to be, and denim jeans and a nice collared shirt for the guy. The second outfit could be the bride wearing blue jeans, and the groom just changing his shirt to a favorite tee or something more comfortable.  If you plan on incorporating outfit changes, you'll want to ensure you have booked sufficient photo shoot time. For example, typically 1 hour=1 outfit, 1.5 hours=up to 2 outfits, etc.

All of your engagement  pictures are guaranteed to be ready within 14 business days. If you are using the photos for save the dates, or need them sooner, we should be able to turn them around quicker for you. All of the engagement images are provided full-resolution, to be displayed or printed as you wish.

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