What is Annual Archiving?

What is Annual Archiving?

If you want to make sure that your images will always be safe and never lost, whether there is a fire, your computer breaks down, a hard drive fails, etc., it is vital that your images are properly backed up. That is why Annual Archiving is so important. We back up your images on two industrial-grade servers, in two different cities, and keep your shopping cart online for as long as you would like to access it.

We charge a nominal annual fee for Annual Archiving, similar to other online storage programs. This helps us to offset the expense of redundant storage. If you have accumulated shopping cart credit through your registry, or other means, you are welcome to use this towards the Annual Archiving cost.

Before your gallery expires, you will have the option to add Annual Archiving, which includes:

  • An extra 12 months of access to your online shopping cart
  • An additional 12-month backup of your event photography on our image archiving system
  • A courtesy one-time extension of your unused shopping cart credit (if any) for an additional 1 month

Without Annual Archiving in place, your files will be permanently removed from the shopping cart and storage upon gallery expiration, and it will be your sole responsibility to preserve your images. So If you choose not to add Annual Archiving, please ensure you have completed all shopping cart orders, and have made multiple backups of your full event photography.

To add Annual Archiving, and extend your shopping cart and backups, please click here.

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