What is the True Registry and how does it work?

What is the True Registry and how does it work?

Our free registry solution (True Registry) is a fun and simple way to receive gifts you can enjoy for years to come :) Whenever your guests give make a registry contribution, you will be provided with credit that can be used towards keepsakes such as fine-art prints, albums, more time on your contract, and even future photoshoots.

How do I use my registry?

Your photo registry is yours to use to as you wish. To use it, all you have to do is share your registry link with friends and family, and let them know that if they are to give you a gift, you would love it to go towards your memories. This link can be included on Save the Dates, emails to guests, etc.

Each time someone makes a purchase on your registry, you will receive an email notification, and the credit will be deposited to your account. The registry credits you receive will remain valid for three months following your event.

Where do I find my registry?

True Registry is built into our shopping cart system, which is also where your where your photoshoot images will be added when ready. Because your credit and purchasing options all in one place, it is very easy to redeem credit.

Whenever you are logged into your shopping cart account, you can check your available credit by clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of the page.

How do I tell others about my registry?

To help get the word out, a lot of couples include their registry link on Save-The-Date cards and emails to guests. For suggested verbiage to send to guests, friends and family, please click here.

What other registry features are available?

  • When logged in, you can customize your message to guests by clicking on your registry link while logged in, and write something personal and heartfelt :)
  • You can set a specific goal amount by contacting our studio
  • You are also welcome to send us up to 3 photos of the two of you to use on your registry. Please drop us an email at team@truephotography.com

I'm not sure if I want to use the registry. What do I do?

You can simply hang on to the link, in case you decide to share it at some point.

Please feel free to contact our studio if:

  • You are an existing client and are unsure of your registry link
  • You need help logging into your shopping account to access your registry
  • You have specific questions regarding True Registry.
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