Who is my photographer? Do I choose my photographer?

Who is my photographer? Do I choose my photographer?

One thing that makes our studio truly unique is that we have created a consistent and very established brand. The photographers that we bring on are all a natural fit to our True Photography look. What we have done over the past fifteen years is found the very best and elite photography talent. No matter how long they have been photographing (minimum 5 years pro), each photographer goes through our own extensive program to make sure they understand fully what is expected of them when capturing photos within True Photography. Then it is just about fine tuning, rather than re-inventing the photographer.

Because we have our system in place, the reality is that no matter who your photographer is within our studio, your end result will be very similar. Granted, photography is an art form and no humans are exactly alike, so there will always be variations, depending on the couple, the location, the lighting that the day brings, etc. But because of the program we built, it would be very difficult to distinguish the difference between our shooters. If you like one of us, you will like all of us. That is the beauty of a solid brand and a team working together.

There are so many advantages here for you. If God forbid a photographer were to get sick or injured, or had a family emergency the day before your wedding, we would have a seamless solution in minutes. We would get one of our top photographers that is on call that day, and they would be ready to go at a moment's notice. Zero stress :)

Here's another scenario. Let's say that you loved the work, but maybe the personalities didn't match up perfectly with your photographer when you spoke or did the engagement shoot. That is no problem. We would just make a switch on request to one of our other available photographers. This of course won't happen, as we are equally as picky on finding amazing personalities as amazing talent. We believe you will love everyone on our team as much as we do! However, we feel it's vital that you have flexibility with us, and never feel stuck.

The end reality, to say maybe a bit bluntly, is that it doesn't matter who you get in our studio. It just matters that you get our studio. When you visit our site truephotography.com, you'll see that we have showcased every wedding from the past five years to really show our consistency. If you love what you see overall on our site, that is exactly what you can expect from us.

Once booked, we personally assign your photographer based on availability, experience level at your venue, etc. Within 48 hours, they will be in touch via phone and email so that you can get to know them on a personal level, and ensure that everything is perfect :)

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