Best Coast Beer Fest

By, January 09, 2017

Spring is getting closer, which means it’s almost time for the Best Coast Beer Fest in Embarcadero Park! This festival takes place near our San Diego studio, and showcases over 200 varieties of beer and cider. There are nearly 100 West Coast craft breweries represented, with beautiful views of the surrounding bayfront and Downtown San Diego. During the event, attendees can mingle with local brewers, sample craft brews, and browse merchandise from artisan vendors. Participants can also grab a bite at Food Truck Alley, relax in the sun, or burn off calories at a lawn game nearby. 

This year’s festival takes place on Saturday, March 11th, 2017, with General Admission from 2-5pm, and live performances throughout the day. The event benefits Cancer for College, which was founded by two-time cancer survivor and double amputee Craig Pollard. Craig’s charity has provided nearly $2 million in scholarships to over a thousand people around the country! So while enjoying a tasty craft brew, you can also be helping others :)

Below are some highlights we photographed from last year’s event. If you would like to attend this year, please click here to buy your tix. Cheers!

Overall view of eventgoers at local cancer charity event, Best Coast Beer Fest in Downtown San Diego West Coast breweries hand out samples during Best Coast Beer Fest Greenflash Brewing Company hands out beer tasters to eventgoers at craft beer festival in Downtown San Diego Friends play lawn games during cancer charity event, Best Coast Beer Fest Eventgoers show off their Pretzel Necklaces at Beer Festival in Downtown San Diego Event goers taste beer samples from St. Archer Brewery during Best Coast Beer Fest in Downtown San Diego, California Event goer with wrestling mask at Best Coast Beer Fest Young eventgoers have fun drinking beer at Best Coast Beer Fest in Embarcadero Park Eventgoers wait in lines for local food trucks at Best Coast Beer Fest Young Couple playing lawn games at Best Coast Beer Fest Young couple toasts beer glasses at Best Coast Beer Fest Alesmith Brewing Company hands out beer to eventgoers at Best Coast Beer Fest Event goer with Sausage and Meat underwear merchandise during Best Coast Beer Fest Custom beer glass art at Best Coast Beer Fest at Embarcadero Park Eventgoers sit and talk under tented lounge during Best Coast Beer Fest Cancer Prevention and Beer merchandise at Best Coast Beer Fest St. Archer Brewing Company brewer interacts with event goers at craft beer booth Event goers pose for group photo at ACE Cider Booth during Best Coast Beer Fest Stay Classy wooden sign outside booth at Best Coast Beer Fest Speakeasy Ales and Lagers talk to eventgoers during cancer charity event, Best Coast Beer Fest Best Coast Beer Fest Taster Glass filled with beer Brewers from Lagunitas Brewing Company pose for fun group photo during Best Coast Beer Fest Live band performs for crowd on lawn of Embarcadero Park during beer festival Group of girls smile and pose for group photo during Best Coast Beer Fest Friends hug and toast with beer tasters during cancer charity event, Best Coast Beer Fest Cooler filled with west coast craft beers during Best Coast Beer Fest 2 Towns Ciderhouse brewers pose for photo at booth during Best Coast Beer Fest Night photo of Best Coast Beer Festival


Vendors We Love – Pizza Port

By, July 31, 2015

Vendor Type: Restaurant and brewing company
Why We Love Them: Unpretentious artisan pizza and craft beer, made by people who care. A San Diego institution.
Did You Know? Pizza Port’s (bold!) ales are now available in cans, wherever fine beverages are sold
Specialties Include: “Our 5 great family friendly restaurants, each with a brewery sending out some amazing beer”
Things They Love: BEER!!!!!, Puppies?, BEER!!!!!, family and friends, BEER!!!!!

To bring Pizza Port to your event, or find a location near you, please visit http://www.pizzaport.com

Pizza Port San Diego

logo for Love Benefit Event

One More Reason to Love This Company

In addition to being a company we love (and love working with!) we can't thank this team enough for their generous support and participation in The Love Benefit. This event was held on 6/2/15 to honor our founder Aaron Feldman, who was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2014 and is currenlty undergoing intensive treatment. This team worked tirelessly to make the event a reality and an unforgettable evening. Please click here to see photos from the event, which was attended by over 300 wedding industry professionals, friends, family, and the community at large. To learn more about Aaron's story, please visit http://howibeatmycancer.com

A Sweet Surprise | Groom’s Cake Inspiration Board

By, August 13, 2013

Between the delicate florals, sparkling jewelry, and flowing gown, a wedding can be a very bride-centric day. Fortunately, there is a rediscovered wedding tradition that pays tribute to the man of the night – a groom’s cake!

The custom of a groom’s cake can be traced back to England’s Victorian Era. During a Victorian wedding, separate cakes were served for the wedding guests, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. The groom’s cake, typically a rich, dark fruitcake with no icing, was often boxed up for guests to take home at the end of the night. According to legend, a single woman who slept with a slice of groom’s cake under her pillow would dream about her future husband that night!

All fables aside, a groom’s cake remains a very fun and relevant tradition. These days, groom’s cakes are typically designed in a way to showcase the groom’s favorite hobbies or interests, and are available in every flavor imaginable. If it fits within the dessert budget, we think a groom’s cake is a sweet way to celebrate the man of honor!

Below are some favorite groom’s cakes we’ve captured at recent weddings. Sports cakes are a popular option, and we can’t stop talking about the SPAM cake! What’s the most creative or unusual groom’s cake you’ve seen?

Grooms Cake_Blog