Let it Flow | Rockin’ the Long Bridal Veil

By, February 18, 2016

Debating whether to rock a long veil on your wedding day? For modern brides, a veil is now an optional embellishment, and a matter of personal preference. However, the wearing of a veil is a longstanding bridal custom, dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. After seeing the photos below, you may be inspired to honor this practice, or to put your own spin on it.

As photographers, we are in favor of brides keeping this tradition strong! Veils are accessories that we can play with, and use to take images to new heights. The daintiness and sheerness of veils add texture to wedding photos, and help us to create dramatic and romantic compositions.

Out of the many different veil lengths available, today we are spotlighting chapel and cathedral veils. A chapel veil reaches the ground, while a cathedral veil extends even further, and spreads out beautifully behind the bride. The dramatic length of these particular veils allows us to create striking portraits that would otherwise not have the same effect. What bride wouldn’t want to channel her inner model and totally rock a “veil in the wind” shot?

Check out our collection of long veil portraits and prepare to be “blown away” ;)

LongVeil1D2X_8691LongVeil3LongVeil4LongVeil5Bridal Shop: Here Comes the BrideLongVeil6Bridal Shop: Now and Forever Bridal SalonLongVeil7Bridal Shop: M BrideLongVeil8LongVeil9LongVeil10LongVeil11Bridal Shop: Brides by Demetrios (on right)

Bridal Shop: Here Comes the Bride

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Distinct Bridal Gowns – Inspiration Gallery

By, February 12, 2015

When it comes to choosing the right dress for your big day there are a myriad of options. Below, we present inspiration from brides that went against the grain and rocked it in their own style. Enjoy our selection of unique wedding dresses from recent weddings we’ve photographed!

001Bridal_Dresses 002Bridal_Dresses 004Bridal_Dresses 005Bridal_Dresses 007Bridal_Dresses 009Bridal_Dresses 010Bridal_Dresses 011Bridal_Dresses 013Bridal_Dresses 015Bridal_Dresses 016Bridal_Dresses 018Bridal_Dresses 019Bridal_Dresses 021Bridal_Dresses 024Bridal_Dresses 025Bridal_Dresses 026Bridal_Dresses 027Bridal_Dresses