Groom Style | Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man

By, March 03, 2016

It’s time to pay tribute to the grooms! As photographers, we appreciate when a groom wears something distinctive to match his personality, and rocks it with confidence. Throw a few sharp-dressed buddies into the mix and you are ready for standout groomsmen photos.

Although the black tuxedo is a classic favorite, and never goes out of fashion, there are many additional style options available to modern guys. We’ve seen grooms in impressive tux colors such as sleek navy, white, and even red, as you will see below. We’ve also photographed grooms taking suits to the next level by pairing them with bold ties and bowties. The contemporary groom isn’t afraid to accessorize either, using accents like cufflinks, kerchiefs, pins, shoes and watches to refine the final look.

We would like to showcase some of the suave looks we’ve seen over the past year. Here is a highlight of grooms suiting up for their wedding in ultimate style.

Groomsmen wearing blue smoking sigars Groom Style and fashion at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar Detail Groom Photo of watch cufflinks and bowtie Grooms wearing stylish tuxedos Groomsmen portrait at home wearing slick grey suits Groom style detail photo Stylized Portrait Groom with Blue Suit Bride and Groom with style at the beach at sunset Cool style portrait of grooms Stylish fitted black tuxedos Portrait of groom in grey suit and black tie Groomsmen being silly with cool style Groom wearing fitted slim suits stylized portrait of groom wearing a white suit Bride and groom with style and vintage furniture Modern groom fashion at wedding Cool portrait of fashionable groom Fun getting ready groom photo Close-up of groom bracelet cuff links and watch Groomsmen with style putting on bowties Groom in Beverly Hills and Louboutin Shoes Close-up of groom wearing cuff links and and monogrammed dress shirt Portrait of Happy Groom holding bowtie colorful groom fashion and personalized cuff links Fashionable Groomsmen portrait in front of hot rod Detail photograph of Rolex Watch and cuff links Groom on a balcony at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar wearing a classic black tuxedo Salvatore Ferragamo Groom Shoes Detail Photograph fun group of stylish groomsmen Close-up of a black tuxedo and bowtie Happy groom seeing Bride for the first time in a stylish navy tuxedo Groom in Black Tuxedo Dancing Groom Wearing Black Tuxedo Bride wearing cowboy boots and groom wearing brown dress shoes Stylized Portrait of groom on rooftop holding a cigar Groom in Stylish black tuxedo looking out the window for his bride Grand entrance with groom wearing red tuxedo jacket at the US Grant Bride and groom wearing Louboutin shoes sitting at the edge of dock Groom putting on cuff links
Fitted suits for weddings

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