Comic-Con 2014 Exclusive Photos | Best Costumes Day 1

By, July 24, 2014

It’s finally happened. We’ve been invaded by swamp people. Steps from our studio is an endless parade of dashing heroes, buxom heroines, and brave parental types with kids in tow. Together, it makes for a gigantic, lanyard-brandishing mass of costumed crusaders, zombies, warriors, and wizards. All have the same objective, a shared critical mission… get inside those doors!

We’re talking of course about Comic-Con, the annual fête of upcoming Hollywood releases, TV shows, and comics. Now in its fifth decade, Comic-Con has become the zeitgeist of pop culture, a place where hype is in full effect, expectations are high, and even causal fans get swept up in the madness. Early this morning, we grabbed our super-cameras, and ventured into the epicenter to capture the anticipation, meet new super-friends, and appreciate the awesome spectacle that is Comic-Con 2014.

No longer confined to the Convention Center, Comic-Con now permeates San Diego during its run, with immersive experiences in the Gaslamp, hush-hush film screenings, and celebrity sightings. Everyone seems to be getting into the spirit, from the San Diego Symphony to local fave Searsucker to the San Diego Law Library. There’s even at least one Batman-themed burlesque show across town. Not to mention the late night after-parties, where bleary-eyed enthusiasts schvitzing through their masks and costumes will dance the night away.

But that is all to come; as of this writing, the fun is just beginning.

Enjoy the photos below!

Comic-Con 2014 Best Costumes Day 1 | Spider-Man Comic-Con 2014 Day 1 Crowd Overview Comic-Con 2014 Day 1 walking through the crowd Comic-Con 2014 best costumes poison ivy mad hatter Comic-Con 2014 best costumes joker close up Comic-Con 2014 best costumes scarecrow batman nemesis Comic-Con 2014 junior superheroes robin captain america comic-con 2014 spider-man costumes comic-con 2014 ninjas stole my costume shirt comic-con 2014 jedi star wars costumes comic-con 2014 artsy photo comic-con 2014 best costumed characters comic-con 2014 alice in wonderland meets game of thrones comic-con 2014 day 1 superhero costumes comic-con 2014 day 1 batman with festival pass comic-con 2014 costumes captain america wolverine comic-con 2014 fairly odd parents DNA tracker comic-con 2014 stormtroopers best costumes comic-con 2014 best costumes joker zombie comic-con 2014 smiling joker costume comic-con 2014 serious stormtrooper darth vader cyclops captain america backpack comic-con 2014 cool mask comic-con 2014 yellow hair Comic-con 2014 welcome banner Comic-con 2014 green arrow costume Comic-con 2014 festival pass close up Comic-con 2014 oversized simpsons marathon promo bags Comic-con 2014 captain america looking skyward costume Comic-con 2014 overview convention center Comic-con 2014 walking dead sheriff zombie Comic-con 2014 walking dead characters Comic-con 2014 walking dead zombies close up Comic-con 2014 local newscaster costumes ninja turtle Comic-con 2014 photographer local newscaster teenage mutant ninja turtle Comic-con 2014 female superhero girls assembled Comic-con 2014 superhero girls women walking Comic-con 2014 green lantern woman ring close up Comic-con 2014 jedi lightsaber action Comic-con 2014 wolverine kiss costume Comic-con 2014 day 1 attendees getting ready Comic-con 2014 hard rock hotel events activity Comic-con 2014 gaslamp quarter true photography