Henna Designs for a Pakistani Wedding by Henna Trendz

By, March 12, 2013

No Pakistani wedding is complete without the bride adorning her hands and feet with henna! At Henna Trendz, we strive for excellence, beauty, creativity and quality service for every client of ours.

I recently had the pleasure to work with Mariam and Umer’s families, for their wedding henna body art.  They were an amazing and wonderfully friendly group of people!


A henna party was held at the Palo Verde Lake Clubhouse in Alpine, where family and friends gathered two days prior to the the wedding day. Henna is typically applied to the bride’s hands and feet about 2 days before the actual wedding, so that the henna stain is at its peak on the big day.


Mariam is very fond of paisleys, so I incorporated lots of paisleys into her henna designs. A fun part of wedding henna is that the bride can choose to hide the groom’s name in the intricate design, for him to find. Umer’s name is hidden in the design below. Can you find it? (Hint hint…. look VERY closely at the design on her right hand)


We also created simple designs for the guests, which we glammed up with glitter to match their colorful outfits. Even little girls LOVE their henna!


Using henna paste on the skin, we created intricate mandala designs (like on the left, below). We also designed beautiful patterns using natural henna stain (as seen on the right, below), which last for an average of two weeks.


Mariam chose the supreme package, opting for for henna designs all the way up to her elbows. She looked gorgeous as she got ready for their wedding at the La Jolla Torrey Pines Hilton.


I love this photo of the bride receiving a flower ring from her mother, who is also adorned with henna.


The wedding festivities continued inside the ballroom of the Torrey Pines Hilton. It was a stunning celebration!


Henna Artist: Henna Trendz
Photographer:  True Photography
Videographer: Escape Studios
Linens and Rental: Ethnic Essence Flowers
Lighting and Decor: Ethnic Essence Flowers
Caterer: Noorani Kabab House
Coordinator: Planning Elegance
Photo Booth: Smile Lounge Photo Booth

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