The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe | Natalie and Brian | April 2010

By, June 09, 2010

Photography by: True Photography
Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe

From our Bride, Natalie:

We met with quite a few photographers before we came across True Photography. Actually, Brian’s cousin, who is a photographer herself, found them for us, and, based upon the photography she saw on their website, thought they did amazing work. So we contacted Aaron, and set up an appointment.

Upon meeting with Aaron, it became immediately apparent that we had come to the right place. He was easy to talk to, open to our ideas, and had great suggestions. We were sold. And when he told us that our lead photographer, Michael, had spent years photographing Yosemite National Park, I knew that we had found the only wedding photographer on the planet that Brian would actually be excited to work with.

On our wedding day, Michael and Eddie were relaxed, available, and never intrusive. If one of the bridesmaids had a picture idea, they took it, and, if we didn’t have any ideas, they came up with suggestions. We could not be happier with how our wedding pictures turned out! Michael, Eddie, Aaron, and April have been amazing, easy to work with, and so accommodating… and they have given us a lifetime of memories to enjoy. One of the best decisions we made in planning our wedding was choosing True Photography!

From our Groom, Brian:

Nat and I owe our first real encounter not to fate, not to serendipity, but to our friends Nicole and Dan. Nicole and Dan were Nat and my respective friends during the first year of law school and who were also roommates. At the end of the first year, Dan and I began looking for places to live for the second year of school, and Nic and Nat did the same. I don’t know if it was Dan or Nic, but one of them came up with the brilliant idea that we should all four live together. Little did Dan and Nic know, but that decision would eventually lead to awkward nights of sitting in the living room while the other two roommates openly flirted on the couch.

Dan and I left California for the summer, thus, Nat and Nic were tasked with the job of finding all four of us a place to live. Dan and I gave them one requirement, the house had to be close to the beach. I remember receiving a call on my 23rd birthday from Nic and Nat (whom I hadn’t really met at this time, except in passing) asking whether I would “live in a living room.” They told me that they had found a three bedroom house close to the beach that had “an extra room that I could totally live in.” Due to the houses proximity to the beach, I readily agreed to live in this mysterious extra room that would eventually become known as Bridey’s “closet.” For some clarity, it was called Bridey’s closet because when I built the fourth wall for the room I used a folding closet door instead of the usual bedroom door. The room was actually quite spacious. Those who were lucky enough to have seen “the wall” will attest that Norm Abram (“This Old House” and “New Yankee Workshop” reference) would have been proud.

So, after moving into my new spacious closet, I rolled out of bed one day and found a fiery redhead that I didn’t know sitting on my living room couch.  Although I could be mistaken, by the time I got out of bed Nat had already ran a mini-marathon, completed all of her homework for the next seven weeks (even though the second year of law school didn’t start for another week) and volunteered at no less than three different charities. Given that it was noon, I hadn’t yet brushed my teeth, had a debilitating hangover, was shirtless and in my boxers, I knew that I could desperately use someone like Nat in my life. It didn’t hurt that she was pretty cute, too. I decided then and there to start laying it on thick. Apparently Nat needed a sarcastic underachiever in her life because, after several months of well-planned encounters in the living room and nights of calculated flirting, Nat eventually succumb to the onslaught of awesomeness that I was dishing her way.